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Sea Foam Eye Shadow

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Shimmer like the sea. This silky, pearlescent shadow wears matte white with just a touch of a light green derived from the brilliance of chlorella seaweed. This versatile Sea Foam Shadow can be applied lightly for a subtle, breezy look. For a darker and denser hue, mix with a few drops of primer and smudge your way to deep sea mystique.

Tap down on lids with fingers and allow the powder to settle in. Open lid and repeat to intensify color. Smudge with fingers to achieve your desired look.

Ingredients: Naturally occurring kaolin clay from USA (Hydrated aluminum silicate). Ethically wild harvested chlorella from Japan (Chlorella vulgaris). Purveyed certified organic aloe vera from India (Aloe vera). Natural French green clay (Kaolinite, contains naturally occurring iron oxides).