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Tim Hecker - Dropped Pianos

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Originally released in 2011- Tim Hecker is a house-favorite.

From Kranky at the time of it's release:

This new Tim Hecker release is composed of sketch pieces recorded in 2010 in preparation for what would become the Ravedeath, 1972 album. All of the compositions are piano driven and minimal in nature.

This is not a new Tim Hecker album, but rather a peek behind the curtains into the working process. That these pieces stand on their own as compelling soundworks is a testament to the fact that Tim Hecker is at the absolute top of his game at the moment.

Press Quote for Ravedeath, 1972:


"We can't think of another producer in the field who's had such an unstoppable winning streak over the past ten years."
Altered Zones

"So whatever grand plan Hecker may or may not have had in mind here, letʼs just say that much of Ravedeath, 1972 will put you in the position of a slack-jawed medieval peasant, floored by hearing the power and beauty of that organ for the first time."
Drowned in Sound

"Easily his best yet, and one of our new favorite records, and for sure, a contender for record of the year, even just a little over a month in... "
Aquarius Records

"As the world spirals into hell these are the lullabies to dull the pain."

"...yet another in a long line of collections from Hecker that are both thoughtful and transcendent, meditative and freeing."

"When the last ton of obsolete CDs is disposed of in the final acre of Euro landfill, this should be the soundtrack."

"That idea, the notion of music as a cheapened, battered object, touches nearly every aspect of Ravedeath, 1972, a dark and often claustrophobic record that is arguably Hecker's finest work to date."
Pitchfork [best new music]