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Kinks - Glenhenry Winners

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In the early 1980's Dutch Kink's collector Daan De Vriers produced a very limited edition compilation of his personal favorite Kinks demos, outtakes and hard to find B sides.

He programmed the record to act as a "great lost" LP, with a song flow and quality up to the standards of any other Kinks record. All the tracks were recorded from 1964 - 1969, what most consider the Kinks prime period. The sound quality is strikingly excellent, the liner notes are rambling and in somewhat poor English, but informative, and the songs are consistently great.

The record features:

- Hard to find on vinyl demo hits like "I Go To Sleep", 'There's A New World", "Time Will Tell", "All Night Stand", and "Don't Ever Let Me Go" in better sound quality than they have ever been presented.

- Impossible to find alternate recordings of songs like "Days", "Picture Book", "Hold My Hand" and "Strange Effect"