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Dune Eye Shadow

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As subtle as windblown sand. The Dune Eye Shadow adds just a touch of illumination and glow, giving the lids an earthy, mineral-like shimmer that accentuates any eye color.

Tap down on lids with fingers and allow the powder to settle in. Open lid and repeat to intensify color. Smudge with fingers to achieve your desired look.

Ingredients: Natural kaolin clay from USA (Hydrated aluminum silicate). Purveyed certified organic ginger powder from India (Zingiber officinale). Purveyed certified organic roasted dandelion root powder from China (Taraxacum officinale). Purveyed certified organic ashwagandha root powder from India (Withania somnifera). Cultivated without chemicals cape aloe powder (Aloe ferox). Muscovite mica (Potassium aluminum silicate). Titanium dioxide* (derived from the naturally occurring mineral ilmenite).