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Dead Moon: Unknown Passage

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An absolute masterpiece. 

The Coles started Dead Moon in '87 after their punk band, The Rats, dissolved in 1984 and steamrolled ahead for 19 years without stopping. 'Unknown Passage' - the group's second album, came out in 1989 - hot on the heels of their debut the year before & continues the murky onslaught perpetrated by that LP. Despite seeming fully-formed from the first note of their first LP, 'Unknown Passage'  is where they really hit their stride & start to succinctly form what would end up becoming THE classic Dead Moon sound; Hot-shit rockers sit side-by-side with dark, mid-tempo ballads all filtered through the Coles' unrestrained writing style - a mix of hard-livin' & paranoia as well as everything musically they'd absorbed up to that point; garage-y stompers, hard rockin' barn burners and even some classic Puget-Sound punk rock a'la The Wipers or Napalm Beach.

This album contains flat-out classics like "Dead Moon Night", "Evil Eye" & quite possibly the all-time Dead Moon live staple "54/40 Or Fight", as well as the requisite cover tune exploded & rebuilt in the Cole style - this time it's a killer version of "Time Has Come Today".

We can't even begin to explain what a treat it is to have these available again on wax thanks to the good folks at Mississippi Records - and remastered from the original tapes to boot! Hopefully these will stick around for a while, but we recommend gettin' a copy while the gettin's good! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!