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Neutral Palette Handmade Patchworked Dress

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Color palette: Neutral.

Two sizes available: size 2(bust top band measures 40"), size 3 (bust top band measures 44").

La Reunion studio makes garments that speak to history. As a Nigerian-American living in Brooklyn, New York, Sarah Nsikak’s love of textiles led her to working in the fashion industry for several years after completing a Masters Degree in Art Therapy.

The exorbitant amount of waste generated in the fashion industry inspired a re-routing back to her art practice. All of her pieces are made from recycled materials and special textiles sourced through vintage stores and estate sales.

“Inspired by the Namibian women of the Herero tribe, these custom made Patchwork Dresses are symbols of resiliency and strength after overcoming attempted Genocide in the 19th century. These dresses are art pieces meant to empower, embolden, and inspire all while telling the stories of Africa. In efforts to utilize the exorbitant waste generated by the fashion industry, all dresses are made using recycled material and special vintage deadstock fabric. Each dress will come with panels that have been meticulously selected and some even hand sewn for the preservation of the material. They are never made with synthetics, only natural fibers.”

- Sarah Nsikak, Founder and Designer